North Somerset and Bristol Fungus Group

The NSBFG meets regularly to identify and record fungi in a region bounded by Bristol and North Somerset.  Pages on this site contain information about our current activities, foray records, picture galleries, training days and much more.

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Christon Bank Conservation Group

In August 2009, Jean Oliver, a member of the North Somerset and Bristol Fungus Group, visited Christon Bank, near Weston Super Mare, in order to carry out a survey for the British Trust for Ornithology.  Whilst there she observed large numbers of yellow/orange Waxcap fungi on the south facing bank. Observations in 2009 - 2011 confirmed that the Persistent Waxcap occurs in very large numbers along with other Waxcap Fungi, Earth Tongues and the Winter Stalkball. During these visits we noticed that the banks were being invaded by several shrub species, principally Cotoneaster, and that these were a threat to the continued existence of this fragile ecosystem.  We therefore approached North Somerset Council, asking for permission to begin some conservation of  the bank.  They approved the conservation plans and agreed to support conservation work aimed at removing the Cotoneaster, Clematis and Bramble from the slopes of the bank and to record the fungi and plants that grow  there.  More Details

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Tyntesfield Reports 2015

NSBFG Foray Programme 2015

A full list of all the fungi found at Tyntesfield since 2005 is now available

Pestalotiopsis funerea on Wollemi Pine.

Pestalotiopsis funerea, a plant pathogen which is known to cause leaf dieback on several conifers, including Cupressus, has been identified as the cause of leaf death on a Wollemi Pine at Tyntesfield.  The diagnosis has been confirmed by scientists at the Royal Horticultural Society.

This may be the first report of this pathogen on Wollemi Pine and it may present a significant threat to the growth of this tree in the UK.

Ganoderma resinaceum growing in magnificent profusion on an old Oak in Charlton Park, Wraxall. Only the second report of this fungus in North Somerset.